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Sharon Center, OH

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Why Facebook?

Your current & potential customers are active on Facebook, guaranteed. Consider these 4 reasons why Facebook advertising should be a fundamental part of your overall marketing mix.

1.) Leverage Scale & Reach

There are 2 billion+ active users on Facebook, Instagram & Facebook Messenger each month. All ages, all industries, all customer types, worldwide. Whether your objective is brand building, lead generation, sales, app downloads or increasing customer engagement, MapForward Digital knows the tools, techniques & latest practices to help you tap into Facebook’s vast ecosystem.  

2.) Advertise With Precision

Facebook provides remarkable hyper-targeting opportunities at every stage of the sales process. To best leverage the platform, however, requires specialized training, continuous campaign optimization & experience. It’s a full-time job & MapForward has you covered.

3.) Gain Meaningful Customer Insights

Customer preferences are constantly shifting. With users spending an average 50 minutes per day on Facebook-owned platforms, you can keep a pulse on shifts in demographics, behaviors & interests. This enables MapForward Digital & its clients to have a real-time insight into current & potential customers for more effective targeting.    

4.) Spend Just Dollars A Day, Then Scale Up

Compared with other advertising alternatives, Facebook has a low cost of entry. In fact, MapForward Digital recommends you start small, optimize vigorously & then scale up to deliver the best results with efficiency. This is what we do every day for our clients.


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