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Facebook Friday - Week Ending June 22

June 22, 2018

Welcome to Facebook Friday, your weekly recap of news and notes.


Facebook announces additional efforts to combat false news (Facebook)

Highlights from Friday’s release includes:

  • Expanding fact-checking program to new countries
  • Expanding test to fact-check photos and videos
  • Increasing the impact of fact-checking by using new techniques, including identifying duplicates and using Claim Review
  • Taking action against new kinds of repeat offenders
  • Improving measurement and transparency by partnering with academics



Instagram launches IGTV long-form video platform (TechCrunch)

IGTV is Instagram’s own, longer form video hub. Focus is not on TV-like content, as has been with Facebook Watch. According to TechCrunch, Instagram has been meeting with a range of online creators, in order to entice them across to their new video platform. Videos can be up to 60 minutes long and the new functionality is positioned under the Explore tab.

Facebook takes greater aim at HQ Trivia, YouTube with new tools for video creators (Mobile Marketer)

New features to make it easier to add interactive polls, quizzes, challenges and more to video content rolled out this week. Facebook announced in a blog post that it is giving content creators new tools to make their videos more interactive, including polling for Facebook Live and on-demand video and gamification for Facebook Live. Facebook will be hoping the feature keeps eyeballs on the site for longer and encourages more sharing between friends.

Facebook taps into influencer marketing trend; launches Brand Collabs Manager (Social Media Today)

New platform lets creators connect with marketers for possible branded content collaborations. Think search engine where you can connect relevant influencers with your brand based on specific promotion requirements. Facebook’s motive: help facilitate brand and influencer relationships - which, ideally, will help them attract more prominent creators to the platform.

Now Facebook is putting autoplay video ads inside Messenger (Recode)

Some users will start to see autoplay video ads appear in their Messenger inbox right next to messages from friends and family.

Facebook opens Watch to all videos from publishers, creators (digiday)

Staying in the world of video, Facebook has begun to add non-episodic videos from publishers, creators, companies and other pages to Watch to appear alongside the episodic shows the section was originally dedicated to. The new videos are appearing in a new version of Watch’s Discover feed that’s being rolled out to users. That feed is governed by an algorithm designed to promote videos that people seek out to watch, as opposed to the passively popular ones that had dominated people’s traditional Facebook feeds.

Facebook testing a new way for group admins to charge for access to exclusive content (Social Media Today)

Facebook is starting to let Group admins charge $4.99 to $29.99 per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. A hand-picked array of parenting, cooking and “organize my home” Groups will be the first to get the chance to spawn a subscription Group open to their members.



Should you put Instagram hashtags in the caption, or in the comments? (Social Media Today)

Recent study analyzed 117 posts from 3 accounts with a total of 13,700 Instagram Followers.

Results: including hashtags in the post caption resulted in 9.84% more Likes, and 29.4% more Reach. Placing the hashtags in the comments resulted in 19.3% more comments.

Facebook announces 3D-180 video (Social Media Today)

Facebook is rolling out a new video posting option which is another advance towards full virtual reality social.



Instagram hits 1 billion monthly users, up from 800M in September (TechCrunch)

Facebook now owns 4 of the 5 most popular social media platforms globally.

Facebook is building a $750 million data center in Huntsville, Alabama (Fortune)

Facebook plans to build a $750 million data center in Huntsville, Ala. that is expected to add 100 jobs to the area when it opens in 2020. Breaking ground later this year.

First look at Instagram’s self-policing Time Well Spent tool (TechCrunch)

Instagram is stepping up to help you manage overuse rather than leaving it to iOS and Android’s new screen time dashboards. From Facebook: “We’re building tools that will help the IG community know more about the time they spend on Instagram – any time should be positive and intentional . . . Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it’s the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this.


First Agency 100% Focused on Facebook Marketing Launches in Ohio

June 6, 2018

MapForward Digital positioned as ‘Facebook-First’ marketing firm

<MEDINA, OHIO> MapForward Digital, an Ohio-based Facebook-first marketing agency, announced its official launch today after more than a year of successful beta customer engagements. The firm is exclusively dedicated to helping businesses and brands grow by leveraging Facebook’s expansive platform. Co-founded by corporate advertising and communications veterans, Eric Stasiowski and Larry Herbert, MapForward Digital is a full-service agency solely dedicated to – and trained on – bringing clients advanced targeting, relevant creative, budget spend optimization and analytics-based insight to their advertising campaigns on Facebook.

“Facebook – and its owned platforms of Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Marketplace – have tremendous scale and reach. But fully leveraging them requires advanced skills and dedicated resources,” explains co-founder and president, Eric Stasiowski. “Larry and I have worked for large, multi-national and Fortune 500 companies. We found that many of them simply don’t have the bandwidth or experience in-house to manage multiple Facebook campaigns in a dynamic state. Similarly, their agencies often haven’t invested in the time or training to provide expert Facebook counsel to clients. So, we believe there’s a gap and that’s where MapForward Digital and our Facebook-first model comes in.”


Diverse B2B & B2C Client Mix; Variety of Campaign Objectives Supported

Established in March 2017, MapForward Digital has worked with companies spanning a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, sports and entertainment, home improvement, professional services and non-profit sectors. Campaigns range from general brand awareness and customer engagement to lead generation and direct eCommerce sales.

“Today, only eight percent of businesses that have a Facebook page advertise with any regularity,” notes co-founder and chief creative officer Larry Herbert. “We believe the fundamental market dynamics are not only strong, but woefully under-served today. We’re talking about a mindset shift here – Facebook has powerful tools that can impact customer touchpoints at every stage of the sales funnel and MapForward Digital is uniquely qualified to help clients be successful in this space.”

To learn more, visit MapForward Digital on the web, follow the agency on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or call 440.214.0666.

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