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Facebook Friday - Week Ending June 15

June 15, 2018

Welcome to Facebook Friday, your weekly recap of news and notes.



Facebook Releases New Privacy Safeguards; Focus on Custom Audience Use (Reuters)

Facebook is installing new controls to better inform its members about the way companies are targeting them with advertising. Starting July 2, it will begin requiring advertisers to tell users if data brokers provided the information that led to those users being targeted with an ad. Data brokers refer to firms that collect personal information about users and then sell it to marketers. Facebook is also instituting a new process for how the names of potential consumers supplied by data brokers will be handled. Advertisers wanting to add lists of prospects on Facebook must assure that the data supplier obtained legal consent from the consumers.


Facebook, Google Targeted With 19 Pan-EU Privacy Complaints (Bloomberg)

Google, Facebook Inc. and its apps WhatsApp and Instagram have been named in 19 cross-border complaints filed with EU regulators since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect last month. Governing body looking into the cases.


Weekend Reading: Congress Gets Its Answers in 454-Page Report (WSJ)

In response to Zuckerberg’s “my team will get back to you on that” comments on Capitol Hill in April, the company released its report to defend the social network against claims that it’s a monopoly and details about the information it collects on users.



Instagram Adds e-commerce Shopping Bag ‘stickers’ for Advertisers (Ad Age)

Brands on Instagram will now be able to drop shopping bag stickers into their Stories and sell products featured in the videos. The stickers had already been available for use on posts in Instagram's main feed, where they also indicate that an item is for sale. 300 million people use the Stories feature daily  


Facebook A/B Testing for Page Posts in Development (Social Media Today)

Facebook is experimenting with a new A/B test option for Page posts, which would better enable Page managers to make educated, strategic decisions on their Facebook content. The new option would enable Pages to show variations of their posts to different audiences, then analyze the performance of each in order to see which is worth either re-posting or boosting with ad spend.



Survey: Would You Pay for an Ad-Free Facebook? (eMarketer)

Just 23% of consumers surveyed in April by Recode and online survey company Toluna said they would be willing to pay for an ad-free Facebook. How much would Facebook have to charge users to make up for lost ad revenues? eMarketer forecasts that Facebook will make $91.58 in average ad revenue per US user this year, which equates to a monthly subscription fee of $7.63.


Facebook Cracks down on Sellers of Junky Products (Mobile Marketer)

Facebook is getting tougher with businesses that advertise products that are unsatisfactory or aren't delivered on time. The new feature lets people leave reactions about their shopping experience after seeing an ad and making a purchase through the platform's mobile app or website. The company will warn businesses that receive many negative responses to address the grievances or face restrictions on their ads — or an eventual ban from the platform.



Facebook Communications Leader Steps Down (WSJ)

Policy and communications executive Elliot Schrage is stepping down after ten years at Facebook. No word on his next move, but in a Facebook post Thursday he said he will stay on for the search for his successor and continue to advise top executives.


Facebook Launches Gaming Video Platform (TechCrunch)

Facebook wants a cut of the 3+ hours per week that young adult video gamers spend watching other people play. This week it launched, a destination where viewers can find a collection of all the video games streaming on Facebook. It will compete directly with Twitch. will show video based on the games and streaming celebrities they follow, their Liked Pages and Groups, plus it will display featured creators, esports competitions and gaming conference events.


Training 1 Million People and Small Business Owners Across the US by 2020 (Facebook)

Facebook pledged to train 1 million U.S. business owners on the digital skills they need to compete in today’s workplace.


First Agency 100% Focused on Facebook Marketing Launches in Ohio

June 6, 2018

MapForward Digital positioned as ‘Facebook-First’ marketing firm

<MEDINA, OHIO> MapForward Digital, an Ohio-based Facebook-first marketing agency, announced its official launch today after more than a year of successful beta customer engagements. The firm is exclusively dedicated to helping businesses and brands grow by leveraging Facebook’s expansive platform. Co-founded by corporate advertising and communications veterans, Eric Stasiowski and Larry Herbert, MapForward Digital is a full-service agency solely dedicated to – and trained on – bringing clients advanced targeting, relevant creative, budget spend optimization and analytics-based insight to their advertising campaigns on Facebook.

“Facebook – and its owned platforms of Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Marketplace – have tremendous scale and reach. But fully leveraging them requires advanced skills and dedicated resources,” explains co-founder and president, Eric Stasiowski. “Larry and I have worked for large, multi-national and Fortune 500 companies. We found that many of them simply don’t have the bandwidth or experience in-house to manage multiple Facebook campaigns in a dynamic state. Similarly, their agencies often haven’t invested in the time or training to provide expert Facebook counsel to clients. So, we believe there’s a gap and that’s where MapForward Digital and our Facebook-first model comes in.”


Diverse B2B & B2C Client Mix; Variety of Campaign Objectives Supported

Established in March 2017, MapForward Digital has worked with companies spanning a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, sports and entertainment, home improvement, professional services and non-profit sectors. Campaigns range from general brand awareness and customer engagement to lead generation and direct eCommerce sales.

“Today, only eight percent of businesses that have a Facebook page advertise with any regularity,” notes co-founder and chief creative officer Larry Herbert. “We believe the fundamental market dynamics are not only strong, but woefully under-served today. We’re talking about a mindset shift here – Facebook has powerful tools that can impact customer touchpoints at every stage of the sales funnel and MapForward Digital is uniquely qualified to help clients be successful in this space.”

To learn more, visit MapForward Digital on the web, follow the agency on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or call 440.214.0666.

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